Updates for your PR Measurement Reading List

16 Jun

Dr. Walter K. Lindenmann, a colleague on the Commission on PR Measurement & Evaluation, has updated one of the seminal research papers in the field, "Public Relations Research for Planning and Evaluation" is a resource book that outlines and describes essential needs, tools and techniques of the field.  Lindenmann even offers suggestions for do-it-yourself research, includes a bibliography of key research references and a selected glossary of research terms.  Go to the Institute for Public Relations home page and look for the direct link.

Mark Weiner, former chair of the Commission on PR Measurement & Evaluation, has authored a new book entitled Unleashing the Power of PR: A Contrarian's Guide to Marketing and Communication. "One of the great myths in the field of public relations is that PR, driven as it is by relationships and creativity, is impossible to measure," says Weiner. "To the contrary, public relations in today's business environment is as much science as it is art.  This book demonstrates and documents how public relations can be used as a low-cost, high-value alternative for achieving meaningful business outcomes." 

Congratulations on the book Mark – I look forward to reading it.  -DB

2 Responses to “Updates for your PR Measurement Reading List”

  1. David Phillips September 1, 2006 at 10:18 am #

    I have just made my evaluation bibliography available as a wiki. Lots of work to do yet but hopefully helpful.


  1. tnvhdoitq - July 22, 2006


    nerirgai jikzzmluni sqyclpguioo

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