Update on MRPs

27 Apr

I wanted to acknowledge a factual error in my post of April 24 (Oh Canada – Is MRP the Answer?) regarding the use of a multiplier in the new MRP system championed by the CPRS.  The system does not currently use a multiplier as Rachel Douglas, a member of the CPRS Measurement Committee, points out in her comment to the post.  Thank you Rachel.  Good news and a good decision by the Committee.

In my defense, the presentation from the CPRS on the MRP I saw dated March 2, 2006 clearly called for the use of the multiplier.  I'm glad this was changed prior to the official launch on April 20.

I stand by the rest of my comments including the misuse of "ROI" in describing the MRP metric. 

– Don B 

2 Responses to “Update on MRPs”


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  2. Brendan Hodgson - May 5, 2006

    MRP… Let’s not lose sight of the end result

    So…. MRP…
    First off, rather than me fill you in about what MRP is about (in case you didn’t…

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